William Cox

Billy Cox  '88

Mobile, Alabama

Chair, Directorship Committee

Cox graduated from Auburn in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacal science, and he later completed graduate coursework in nuclear medicine at the University of South Alabama. A fourth-generation pharmacist, he founded and currently works as a nuclear pharmacist with Cox Companies Inc. Cox is an entrepreneur who has founded, owned, and operated a number of companies in the pharmaceutical, restaurant, retail, environmental, transportation, philanthropic, and sports industries.

As a nuclear pharmacist in both Alabama and Mississippi, he is a member of the Alabama Pharmaceutical Association, Alabama Society of Nuclear Medicine, American Pharmaceutical Association, and Society of Nuclear Medicine. Cox currently serves as a member of the Harrison School of Pharmacy’s Dean’s Advisory Board and Auburn Athletics Advisory Board. He is a member of the Talon Society in Athletics, James E. Foy Loyalty Society for 10-plus years of consecutive giving, Petrie Society, and the 1856 Society.