Foundation Spotlight: franklin deese '15

Frank Deese shared the story of his Auburn experience with directors of the Auburn University Foundation Board of Directors at their March 21, 2015, board meeting.

About the Auburn University Foundation

The Auburn University Foundation was established to develop, support and enhance the educational interests and programs of Auburn University. The Auburn University Foundation (Foundation) is a non-governmental nonprofit organization, separate and distinct from Auburn University.  It receives charitable contributions for the benefit of Auburn University and Auburn University Montgomery. The Foundation assures that donations are kept separate from public funds, are invested in a prudent manner and are applied only as directed by the donor.

Incorporated in 1960 under the Alabama Nonprofit Corporation Act, the Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from taxation within the meaning of  Internal Revenue Code ("IRC") Section 501(c)(3) and is classified as a public charity pursuant to IRC Section 170(b)(l)(A)(vi). Contributions are deductible by donors pursuant to IRC Section 170.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is responsible for the management of all the affairs, property and business of the Foundation.  The board consists of 24 voting directors.  Directors are elected for a four-year term and may serve two terms. In addition, the chancellor of Auburn University Montgomery, the president of the Auburn Alumni Association, and the president of Auburn University are non-voting ex-officio members of the board.

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